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Spirit Girl of The Season

We had so much fun taking pictures and talking with our very first Spirit Girl of the Season! She chose a Spirit Skirt made of a leopard print jean, which looks great with the PEACE Spirit Charm she selected. We can't wait to see her around campus this fall wearing her skirt and showing her spirit!

When asked if she could tell us about a time that one of the Fruits of the Spirit was shown by either her or someone she knows, she replied, "Well... my friend Hi-tai, spelled H - I hyphen T - A - I is really, really patient when she raises her hand in class, and she is SO SOOO nice when she makes pretty art for all of her friends!"

Let's hear it for Hi-tai for showing patience in the classroom and giving others joy by sharing her talents! Also, let's be proud of our Spirit Girl of the Season who looks adorable in the skirt and did a great job of recognizing the sweet spirit of her friend!

We're looking for our next Spirit Girl of the Season! Write in to us at and tell us more great stories of how you or someone you know has displayed one of the Fruits of the Spirit. You may win a chance to model and receive a Spirit Skirt and Spirit Charm of your choice! :)